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Helping Professionals and Companies from over 30 different countries to internationalize and expand their businesses to the United States of America.

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Comprehensive and Personalized Immigration Services for Employers and Individuals.

For Employers

Explore a comprehensive suite of services tailored for employers. Our offerings include Business Visas, Work Permits, Consular Services, Corporate Immigration Development, Document Services, Employment Verification, Immigration Compliance, Immigration Training and Remobilization Services. 
Expertise in: Employment-Based Petitions, PERMS, H1-B, EB-1B, EB1-C, H1-Bs, Os and Ls.

For Individuals

Explore personalized solutions tailored for individuals navigating the intricacies of immigration processes. Our comprehensive services include various visa categories such as Business Visas (e.g., B-1), Work Permits (e.g., H-1B), Professional Internationalization Planning, Document Services and Immigration Compliance to ensure a seamless and compliant immigration journey. Expertise in: Employment-Based Petitions (Including the self-petition routes: EB1-A, EB2-NIW, and EB-5), J-1, E-2, Os and Ls.


Our specialized immigration services cater to a diverse range of sectors, including Academic Institutions, Non-Profit Organizations, Media, Automotive, Pharmaceuticals, Construction, Professional Services, Consumer Goods, Energy, Mining, Retail, Financial Services, Sports, Healthcare, Technology, Hospitality, Transportation, Warehousing & Logistics and Manufacturing.

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Legal Excellence, Client-First: Unveiling Our Unique Model

At Schaffert Law, we redefine the landscape of immigration services with distinct features that truly make us stand out.

Legal Expertise

Discover a pivotal difference at Schaffert Law – we are an exclusive partnership of attorneys, not just a consultancy. Our commitment to maintaining a team solely comprised of legal professionals ensures an unwavering dedication to the highest standards of legal practice. Unlike firms with non-attorney partners, we prioritize the client’s best interests above all, steering clear of commercial pressures on the legal profession.

Boutique Model
for Customized Solutions

We take pride in our boutique approach, a departure from the mass processing prevalent in larger firms. Each case is handled with precision, recognizing its unique nuances and intricacies. Our commitment to customization ensures that your immigration journey receives the personalized attention it deserves. Experience the difference of tailored solutions that align with your individual needs.

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Personalized Internationalization

Specialized Immigration

About Us

Your Partner in Legal Solutions, Strategy & Personalized Advocacy

Meet Ana Schaffert (Founder)

With an impressive track record in both corporate and law firm settings, Ana Schaffert is renowned for her vast international experience. Ana’s journey spans different continents, from managing robust M&A operations in one of Latin America’s top ten law firms to overseeing multimillion-dollar transactions within the aircraft sales division of one of the world’s largest aircraft manufacturers. She also brings a wealth of expertise from her role as an internal consultant, focusing on pivotal matters such as partnership agreements and other transactional matters. Ana proudly serves as the founder of Schaffert Law, with her primary focus on business immigration. Her unwavering dedication lies in crafting the ideal strategy for her clients. Whether it’s a corporate necessity to fulfill workforce needs with foreign talent or an individual’s aspiration to chase the American dream, Ana is committed to making it happen.

Meet Adriana Ballalai (Senior Paralegal)

(Senior Paralegal responsible for operations in Brazil)
Undergraduate in Business and Law with over 20 years of experience as a Brazilian attorney in civil litigations with a specialization in international law by Pontifícia University Catholic of São Paulo (2015) and certified in Legal English by the University of Miami. Adriana lived in the US for seven years and worked as an immigration specialist with a focus on immigrant and non-immigrant processes (EB1-A; EB-2 NIW, R-1; H1-B; L-1; O-1; E-2 and P1-A) for larges American law firms from California, Florida, and Washington DC. Back in Brazil, in 2023, Adriana started a collaboration and partnership with Schaffert Law, being responsible for Schaffert Law operations in Brazil.
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